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Design concept1

Persistent learning is the source of design, responsibility is the principle of design, and inspiration is the design of the sublimation. Effective planning, rational use of space, and in small, More Home Furnishing create delicious life.

Tesign concept2

Lasting designs still have the lingering charm after undergoing a long time. Improve people's quality of life; Improve people's physical and mental health; Improve people's property safety; Create a person's life taste.

Vesign concept3

Basing on designers' elaboration, Our designs constitute the body of art from a practical perspective. Design is the creation of a variety of factors, including function, material, technology, cost, aesthetic form, artistic style, spiritual ideas and other factors.

Custom process

  • Exchange
  • Sign a contract
  • Make plan
  • Monitoring
  • Installation
  • The inspection


Founded in 2011, Henan Chengming Industrial Co., Ltd also known as CMCOHOUSE is a professional manufacturer and supplier in container house, prefab house, green house, steel structure building and modular building, located in Zhengzhou City, Henan province, China ....

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