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Advantages of modular architecture in design and construction
Aug 29, 2017

The characteristic of the modular construction is that the construction period is shorter than the traditional construction period; it can be shortened from 1/2 to 1/3 in generally. Therefore, this kind of house is suitable for serious housing shortage and waiting to solve housing difficulties. Because of the heavy weight of the modular construction, it is necessary to use large tonnage crane to install it, so it is limited in construction. Modular architecture has a number of outstanding advantages, the greatest of which is the speed. Compared with the large plank housing, the construction cycle of modular housing can shorten the 50~70%, accelerate the turnover of funds, and give full play to the investment efficiency as soon as possible to meet the needs of users.

Secondly, because of the high industrialization level of modular buildings, so it need less workers when it was built. Compared with the plank house, the total amount of labor used can be reduced by 10~15%; Compared with brick construction, 30~50% can be reduced. The amount of labor used reduction in the construction site is particularly large, generally is shorten more than half of the large plank housing. Finally, the loss of materials and equipment is reduced, and workers' working conditions are greatly improved, which is free from the sun and rain. The construction process is unaffected or less affected by the climate and it is conducive to balance the annual construction of the organization.

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