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Advantages summary of the living container houses
Mar 13, 2017

Advantages of living containers:


The cost of living container house is low, the transportation is very convenient, the installation is also very fast, and it has an irreplaceable advantage in mobility.


(1): The living container house is standardization and can be produced in large-scale. The component is standard, no complicated component, has the high degree of mechanization in the processing, is completed on assembly line to ensure the quality, and considering the tightness of the packaging and transportation, they are used the nested sections.


(2): The mode of transport is flexible and economy, in order to reduce the transportation volume, before the single living container house is loaded on the shipping container, the components of living container house can be compression packed. That is the walls, doors, windows and the installation accessories of the living container house can be placed between the bottom frame and the top frame. According to the interior layout difference of the single living container house, after compression packed, two (more built-in walls), three or four single living container house can be loaded on a standard 20ft shipping container, like this the transportation cost is reduced. The size of the single living container house is same as the standard shipping container, there are four container corner fittings on the four fixed angle, and it’s suitable for container truck and container shipping.


(3): The site installation of the living container house is very convenient, the second-hand container ready-made unit module provides the most reliable, simple and the basic structure of the rugged construction unit can be mass-produced for temporary construction. It’s no need to pour the concrete floor for the common use, so the pre-construction costs and time can be reduced in large amount. According to the actual work experience, the whole project cost can be reduced 30%. The top frame, bottom frame, wall panels, windows and other components of the living container house can be made by factory standardization to reduce the site installation strength.


(4): There are many kinds of space combination forms. You can use many single living container houses to assemble many kinds of the building space to meet your various requirements and can be combined into two layers, three layers of the buildings. The interior partition wall can be arbitrarily disassembled, assembled and constitute a large indoor space.

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