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Application and development of steel structure prefabricated component splicing structure(1)
Jan 30, 2018

As an earthquake prone country in China, the earthquake resistance of building structure is an important subject. The collapse of a large number of framework buildings in the Wenchuan earthquake caused more than 500 thousand of the children to become the main body of the disaster. As a part of the construction industry, how to better improve the quality of buildings and enhance the seismic capacity of buildings is becoming a research topic.

In Wenchuan earthquake, the temporary active housing (or movable plate house), widely used for building and connecting buildings with steel precast elements, is widely used in disaster reconstruction projects due to its good seismic performance and quick construction speed. The activities of the board is a light steel skeleton, the sandwich plate as enclosure material, space combined with the standard modulus, bolts used to connect components, can be conveniently assembled and disassembled, the general standard for temporary buildings, environmental protection and energy saving, efficient building concepts, make temporary building enter a industrialization production, inventory, can be repeatedly used in the field of product type house. Because of its industrial production and the adoption of standard standardized components, it has the characteristics of versatility, easy disassembly and reorganization, fast construction speed and frequent turnover. The building is now widely used for the temporary construction of field operations, as well as urban, commercial and other temporary housing.

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    No.108 Fulu Road, Zhengzhou City, China.
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