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Application and development of steel structure prefabricated component splicing structure(2)
Feb 01, 2018

In general, the building system can be composed of foundation, structure, enclosure, space division, equipment and so on. There are two types of prefabricated connection schemes:

A building system can be completely divided on the basis of each layer through the use of space. Each lattice is connected as an independent lifting unit composed of prefabricated components and connected to the foundation reliably. Construction workers in the construction, only the prefabricated steel structure hoisting unit from low to high as the "building blocks" placed in the specified location of a module, and then use the high strength bolt with steel structure net good connection arrangement. The curtain wall (the same as the external wall of the conventional building) is only required to be treated or decorated with an external facade.

Plan two, the building system can use one independent prefabricated component, the steel frame as the main structure, and the floors are sectionally fixed on the frame structure of the steel structure. Or the frame of the structural steel frame and the force curtain wall, which is firmly connected to it, form a frame system with the frame in which the floor is loaded. Building structure is subjected to various loads such as horizontal load, vertical load and torsional moment. Lateral load is a decisive factor in structural design of high-rise buildings, and lateral displacement is a control index. Too large structural lateral displacement will cause a larger additional internal force due to the P- delta effect. At the same time, the excessive deformation of the structure will lead to the cracking of the partition wall and the retaining wall, and even cause the elevator to run normally due to the deformation of the track. In order to make the precast steel structure component assembled high-rise building adapt to all kinds of natural conditions and different requirements, the components of these structures are mainly composed of three basic forms: linear components, plane components and three-dimensional components. These three types of components can be made into prefabricated components, which will provide a very strong feasibility for the production of the components.

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