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Comparison of Modular Building and Assembly Buildings
Aug 25, 2017

The module has the characteristics of the space structure unit, good mechanical performance is good, more economical design. Because the module components roof and wall board as a whole, there is no the problem of floor length, the walls can be made thinner, Wall fight, but only a hollow wall, the material is still relatively provincial. In the components production, a module component is a room, specifications models less; the same a room, the assembly type needs internal wall panels, external wall panels, a number of pieces of the building block pieces,more production specifications and more models. In the construction and installation, the module is the three-dimensional components, loose hook can stand firm, the connection needs generally only corner welding; and assembly type have components, hanging more, in place after the need for temporary fixed support, and then , more process. Larger component, larger weight, large rtonnage trailer, crane for carrying and lifting. Components of assembly type is small size, light weight, smaller trailers, cranes can transport hoisting.

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    No.108 Fulu Road, Zhengzhou City, China.
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