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Container building(1)
Oct 17, 2017

Containers were originally simple boxes, but it was found that they could be used as a building. As a result, containers are part of the history of the box, as well as part of the history of the building. Their uniqueness is due to their dual characteristics. They seem to have both global and local, temporary and permanent, limited and infinite qualities.
Container is between product design and architectural design. In this sense, they mark the highest achievement in a field, and at the same time are the most basic elements of another field. As far as product design is concerned, they have a critical impact on the development of the freight industry and all aspects of transportation technology.
The magic of containers is reflected in many ways, especially as basic components and independent integrity. They are the product of highly precise and complex coordination techniques, as well as a source of thorough flexibility and free imagination.
The impact of containers on the freight industry is like the impact of elevators on high-rise buildings. In this regard, they spawned a series of changes and played an important role in all aspects of culture, industry, architecture and art. However, very few people really pay attention to these problems.
As far as architectural history is concerned, container buildings are reminiscent of tents and Trailer houses. The container and trailer house are so similar that the comparison between the two methods can be used as a special subject. For example, in addition to the lack of imaginative attempts to disguise the trailer house as a dwelling place, the trailer house does not provide much room for creativity. And containers are completely different, and their modular nature gives them an extremely free and creative imagination when they are used as architectural purposes.

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