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Container building in a special environment as the advantages of Linjian restaurant
Aug 02, 2017

Container building as a temporary restaurant can be quickly built, short cycle, low cost, easy to move, changing the traditional building can not move the characteristics. For example, tourist attractions have a busy season, temporary construction of the container can cope with this situation.

Now in the more remote mountainous areas, one is not sufficient funds, and second, there is no large flat to build houses, making some areas of unreasonable distribution of buildings, such as between residential and school. In response to this problem, temporary buildings, restaurants and toilets built in remote areas are used for students to use, and even can be built into residential, to ease the unreasonable distribution of the situation. Containers can be moved, the demolition of the assembly is simple, can also be used in non-construction land, in the capital and land conditions to meet the construction of long-term school buildings and other buildings, at any time can be removed.

The container building can be fully combined with nature, because its appearance is simple and generous, and modeling changeable, can be more cleverly combined with the terrain, line of sight open, suitable for students to learn and spiritual cultivation, reflecting the modern architecture and natural environment perfect combination.

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