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Container house, also known as living container house deserves a prospect market as it is rugged and easy to move
Feb 24, 2017

At present, it is suitable for short-time rent or long –term purchase for cheap rent and affordable price, thus people can have a better enjoyment.

Welded steel frame and sandwich panel wall make container house more beautiful and durable.

From the point of use, most container house, placed on ground directly, is very easy vulnerable to rain, soil and other erosion and rust, etc. These container house need to be re-paint for lasting its using life. While some container houses, placed high ground, have good drainage situation and are not prone to rust and other undesirable phenomena. These can maintainer container houses appearance and using service.

Our container is dismountable for saving shipping cost. You can install them at site under our installation guide drawing. You can dismount and store it if you don’t use the container house for a long term. Thus it don’t need to occupy large room and can save shipping cost. Of course, the container house can be overall-moved because there are four crane holes on four corners and fork hole at bottom. Container house can be reinstalled and reused, which decrease construction waste and is environment friendly and energy saving.


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    No.108 Fulu Road, Zhengzhou City, China.
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