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Container House industry development situation analysis
Sep 10, 2016

Mobile home is compared to traditional fixed residential, relocation may not reduce material losses, using the same material in different places can build another House, often used as temporary homes within a short time. Talk about mobile home development. Mobile homes should be the most primitive ancestors to stay, it was built out of wood and covered with straw, cornstalks, plastic sheeting. This House can also often see over 200 years ago, some vegetable farmers, while in the field to see the dishes would build the houses. After watching food down and build again for the second year. Later, on the construction site, there were tents, this tent has steel tubes welded into fragmented structures, when during the installation, you can set up the skeleton of a House, then external rain tarp around, this House is move easily without any loss. Bad drawback is that warm, in the summer you can use, but in the cold winter months, this tent does not apply. Along with social progress, slabs of concrete activities have been developed, which is the use of a magnesium plate material, thickness there are four or five centimeters, is made with a steel skeleton in it support, joined together by connecting parts such as screws each Board, this House is a little sense of permanent housing, just from the appearance looks a little thin, not very strong. Advantages of never-ending later in different places can also be put together again. Drawback is that magnesium to build housing have strong water absorption, water will make the housing becomes wet, used age limit is not very long, and generally 3-5. Color steel activities room appear completely changed the flexibility of temporary space, easy to install, strong features such as perfect show out. Now nearly 20,000 manufacturing enterprises of color steel activities room, which is also from slabs of concrete House step by step development of the times. Color steel plate as a new type of building material, it is made of very thin metal plate and core materials through automatic molding adhesion of roll forming machine, has a very big advantage. It has a waterproof, warm, colorful, reusable features. Core material if the use of fire-retardant materials, and has very good resistance to fire. Most of the temporary space is currently on the construction site built it with color steel activities room, useful life can be up to 20 years. The last two years, there is a container as the parent container House, an early container House is out down the shipping container after welding, installing Windows and doors, air conditioning, and more complete. Now look useful as container, made of colored steel plate. With the improvement of production technology, container housing and will no longer look like the dull. Hardcover hardcover of the container housing comparable to a 20-square-meter house.

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