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container house profile
Jul 21, 2017

At present, container house become new container markets. The container has the advantages of quick transport and has the advantage of being used alone or in combination, not only for small houses, toilets, kitchens, laundry rooms, small conference rooms, office space, small supermarkets, etc., but also through combination design and assembly For example, housing containers can also be widely used in temporary activities, such as oilfield mines, the field, the damaged areas of the disaster and so on. In general, the use of housing containers has a strong temporary.

In layman's terms, a container house built from a housing container is a steel house similar to a container form, also known as a box building. The main structure of the container house and internal and external decoration, including internal water and electricity installation, functional area division and room facilities (such as color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, bathing device, health and furniture, etc.) can be completed in the factory, completed at the construction site The installation includes the installation of the container on the prefabricated base, the connection of the hydropower connection and the part of the improvement process, the installation of the power distribution cabinet and the connection of the power supply, the connection between the house inlet and the external water supply network, and the house sewage outfall and the sewage pipe The connection and so on. The construction of the housing container has the characteristics of industrial production, which embodies the characteristics of fast, changing, simple and efficient construction. It adopts the non-masonry structure, the overall quality is light, and the steel structure is connected through the node, the ductility and activity of the structure Has a strong seismic performance; has a whole bottom structure, easy to set the damper, the role of the damper, the seismic effect is more obvious.

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