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Container house steel structure plays an important role in various industries
Mar 11, 2017

The pace of spring is slowly approaching, and the spring of container house steel structure seems to be approaching, and container house is playing an increasingly important role in many industries. The widespread use makes steel structure house more and more important.

Offshore oil engineering equipment, container house steel structure residential, steel bridge and others, steel structure industry is the fastest growing in these three areas. if China's steel structure  industry gets more attention and policy encouragement, China's steel structure development space will be very broad.

Container house steel structure is one of the most common structural forms in modern construction projects. It has many outstanding features: the steel structure system can be used for residential building to give full play to the advantages of steel duct ductility and plastic deformation ability. Anti-seismic and anti-wind performance greatly improve the safety and reliability of residential. Especially in the case of earthquakes, typhoons, steel structure can avoid the collapse of the building damage. Steel structure also has a sound insulation, thermal insulation, comfort, faster-build, environmental friendly, energy saving and many other significant advantages. In an increasingly important situation, it is conceivable that steel structure will be an indispensable industry in future.

Because the steel structure is simple, short construction period, suitable for durable, beautiful and practical factories, warehouses, office buildings, gymnasium, hangar, etc., also applies to single-storey long-span buildings, can also be used to multi- high - storey building. With the development of industrial technology more and more developed, container house steel structure will have a wider uses.

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