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Container houses are going into daily life
Mar 16, 2016

Container House (also known as the habitable container) has entered the public eye, both on the issue of post-disaster reconstruction, in solving the problem of urban living has played a positive role, the architects opens up new design ideas and concepts.

With the acceleration of China's market economy reforms and industrial society, "urbanization" is speeding up the process. More and more people are finding: housing is one of the biggest problem in their lives, the "community" of "living" is not only the biggest life goal in life, and people's living conditions, is the guarantee of a happy life. But high prices made urban low-income groups in urban "House and sigh" how I wish they had their own home.

Container trailer makes us want to face high housing prices in the city. Container House is not like a traditional architectural style, which doesn't require scaffolding, without building a template, but does not cause a large amount of construction waste, as well as production car to production houses. Save time and money, effectively saves a lot of labor, and meet the requirement of building energy saving, and solve the problem of high property prices in the city. For example, the rental of migrant workers in Shenzhen container trailer, 6 Yuan each day, and the purchase of container housing (approximately 13 square metres) are each about 12,000 yuan, about 900 Yuan per square meter, most low income groups have been able to afford. Therefore, the container housing is the effective way to solve the housing problems of low-income groups in cities.

Container housing is causing a revolution in efficiency of residential, Zhuhai city vocational college built the first container houses student apartments. It is understood that the container student housing apartment buildings the heating of the air, thermal insulation properties of traditional brick houses twice, saving 50% student housing within the hydropower system using solar energy systems and energy-saving valve, aisle lights will also use solar and wind power. Build concrete container student housing apartment loss is only 1/50, used only brick 1/30, construction waste reduction 99%.

October 2008 Denmark Maersk 52 Ocean used shipping containers for special processing and transformation, made two of two-story classroom building, located in Mianyang in six on the site of the collapse. "Container housing the school" has a number of administrative offices and 26 classrooms, life of 15 to 20, every classroom and 62 square meters, and can be recycled, do not produce pollution. Because of the used container materials for double-layer aluminum alloy, between air and joined the insulation material, keep the temperature at a certain range, offices and classrooms are warm in winter and cool in summer. It is reported that using used container bracket housing precedent in our country, but used shipping containers directly into the classroom like this is the first in the current.

On August 29, 2008, the group in Wenchuan earthquake for more than three months after the investment of more than 10 million Yuan to build "container housing the school"-combination containerized yanmen Center in Wenchuan County school campus completed in Wenchuan. This combination the first containerized campuses, effectively resolve needs of about more than 1000 students studying and living in the disaster area.

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