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Container housing the winter precautions for use
Oct 13, 2015

Container House (also known as the habitable container) matters more in winter to pay special attention, especially with regard to security. Into mid-December, Christmas, new year's day, the Spring Festival is coming, container houses also began to look forward to the arrival of the Spring Festival holiday, some homesick workers also began to plan home plan.

Entered in December, it gets dark earlier in the evening, workers would knock off early back to the container housing (also known as the habitable container), others who come together to play cards, play mahjong, and the some people hide in bed in cell phones, others to drink, chat with friends nearby, there are outside the Internet, watch television. Cold winter weather, container inside to the air conditioning or heating equipment, for people in the North, they are usually central heating, central heating through the whole site, inside each container houses have heating, don't have to worry about heating problems, but be careful to drink more water, and prevent problems caused by the dry indoor air. For people in the South, heating is a trouble, generally do not have central-heating equipment in the South, people want to buy heating can only select install air conditioning or heating equipment. Container housing for people, big air conditioning electricity consumption, air conditioning all day every month electricity bill is a bit hard to bear, so people usually consume less heating equipment, such as electric fans, electric blankets, electric water bags, put on more clothes, warm hands and feet, and can comfortably house activities.

Container House (also known as the habitable container) using electrical note electrical fire safety, winter weather is dry, container housing the internal heating device used to exacerbate the degree of air drying, temperature easier to fire, people should pay attention to safety, and prevent the occurrence of fires. In many cases, container house fires occur because people pull wires, mess caused by electrical, weak sense of fire is the occurrence of fires. Many container mobile home fire extinguishers are not configured, once the manual fire extinguishing the fire, more trouble, fire long fight led to the spread of fire, causing greater losses. Meanwhile, sandwich panels of the container housing materials are fireproof container inside has a significant effect on fire safety, sandwich core materials using fireproof materials can further reduce the probability of the occurrence of the fire, to better ensure the fire safety of container houses.

Container House (also known as the habitable container) users of dry air in the winter when heating to pay special attention to fire safety, more scientific and safe heating ensure fire safety can be safer and more comfortable to live in.

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