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Container Porta Cabin Market Positioning
Mar 24, 2017

Container Porta Cabin has developed very mature in foreign countries, which will instead of prefab house in the new times.

Firstly, Container Porta Cabin can move from place to place by crane with short time which can save much labor and cost. Comparing with prefab house which need many worker do installation on site with long period.

Secondly, the materials used for container port cabin has absolutely advantage as the steel structure is weld together, the container body more thick than prefab house.

The earliest use of Container house is in terminal area which can resist the strong sea breeze attack, with better Wind, fire and sound insulation.

Does the container house instead of the prefab house just around the corner?

The biggest advantage of prefab house is low cost, this is the key point. Whether the container house or the prefab house are temporary house, and the material for prefab house are improving, Anti-Fire, wind performance has been greatly improved which can meet the daily needs of the construction unit. Long-term down, prefab house are more cost-effective.

According to the above, we can easily see that although the container activities of housing (also known as living containers) superior performance, but they both belongs to temporary house, So so the price lower prefab house is relatively popular.

If it is short-term rental, you can consider use the container activities of housing, but if it is a large project which need to use a year or two, the prefab house more cost-effective.

Therefore, the container housing and prefab house has their own advantages and disadvantages, One can not replace the other.

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