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Container positioning of mobile homes in the mobile home market
Dec 08, 2015

Container House (also known as the habitable container) has developed a very sophisticated in a foreign country, but also in the country in recent years. Prefabricated housing industry is activity during one of the earliest and longest, and given rise to many different forms of temporary housing, such as container houses. Currently there are comments in the industry said trailers would gradually disappear, container housing is likely to replace prefabricated, become the new darling of the new generation of temporary housing.

Whether the case? We can be analyzed from all aspects, first of all in terms of installation, container housing welding is completed, where necessary, hoisting cranes, less time consuming, but save a large number of workers. Trailers need workers on-site installation, does not have the advantage. In addition, the container houses an absolute advantage in material, it's all welded together, much thicker than prefabricated box thickness. First are at the docks and other places used to withstand the strong winds hit, so its strength is very good. Wind-resistant, fireproof and sound insulation to use better. Container housing can be said to win on this point on trailers. Analysis here, probably think, that container housing replacing the trailers did not just around the corner? Prefabricated houses the biggest advantage is the low price, but this is a very key point. Whether it is a trailer or container housing is temporary housing, first prefabricated materials are constantly upgraded, fire-proof, windproof performance has been greatly improved, fully meet the construction needs of daily life. Trailer and container housing is temporary housing, long count down, better to be prefabricated.

Based on the above, we can see clearly while the container housing (also known as the habitable container), superior performance, but due to its features and trailers are temporary, so is the low prices of the more popular. If it is a short-term rental, container housing can be considered, but if it is a large project, be stationed for a year or two, and better to be prefabricated. Therefore, mobile homes and prefabricated containers have advantages and disadvantages, either of these cannot be a substitute for the other.

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