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Control box assembly by central large space
Jan 25, 2018

Through the central large space control box combination is very common, the main reason is that this way of cloth can completely break through the limitation of the container size, and get huge indoor space. In this combination, the container can be regarded as a basic unit of enclosed space, the basic unit together, can form a retaining structure, as the basic unit for the relationship between the retaining structure of the formation is similar to the brick wall. But "the container wall" and common brick or block the brick solid wall is also different, because the container itself has a certain capacity of the internal space, so the container wall not only has the envelope function, also has the space capacity, can bear a part of function. Therefore, the "container wall" is a component with multiple functions, which is both a supporting structure and a space for use. The strategy of controlling the box combination by the central large space is more suitable for office, business, education, culture, entertainment and other functions that demand larger space volume. It can even meet the requirements of some simple public buildings such as gymnasium, theater or convention center.

When we use this layout strategy to design, we should pay attention to the connection and partition between the outer box and the central space enclosed, and decide the partition and Unicom processing according to the needs of function and space. There are many ways to connect the center space with the outer space, for example, set up doors, windows or semi transparent grille, and also remove the corrugated steel plates of the side walls as necessary, so that the central space can penetrate into the "container wall".

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