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Design and research of container building type Youth Apartment(1)
Oct 10, 2017

ABSTRACT This paper introduces economical and environmental attributes of the container, and discusses the development trend of the application of container buildings in present-day China. Drawing lessons from the design of Marseille Apartment, it develops a virtual design of Youth Container Apartment, and digs out low-carbon design strategies from it. The experimental study of wind field of the Youth Container Apartment is also implemented.

(1)Economic and environmental protection of container building

Containers are widely used all over the world. As one of the most popular transportation units, the related transportation and loading and unloading facilities are comparatively perfect. Container construction is flexible and easy to move. The best choice for temporary residence is to adapt well to the development of modern transportation industry. When the container is moved, no large-scale disassembly is necessary, whether it is transportation, installation or disassembly. These characteristics of container determine the remarkable economic efficiency of container construction in manpower and material resources. The enclosed structure of the container determines that the requirements of the surrounding buildings and facilities are not high. Not only can effectively save land resources, but also can build a perfect living space. Because of the nature of container construction, it can be widely applied in many fields, convenient and economical. In environmental protection, modular unit container construction all according to international standard production, the assembly and convenient installation, can effectively shorten the construction period and improve construction efficiency, reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment, which belongs to a prefabricated building; secondly, compared with the traditional building materials of concrete, the main building of the container the steel wood materials, scrap materials in container construction can effectively reuse and recycling, reduce the carbon footprint, belongs to the green environmental protection industry, conducive to the development of circular economy.

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