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Design parameters of light Gauge steel villa
Feb 25, 2017

"light steel villa", the main material is hot-dip galvanized steel by cold-rolling technology synthesis of light steel keel, the cabinet of light steel villa through accurate calculation with the support and combination of accessories, play a reasonable Bearing capacity to replace traditional houses .

Special performance as follows:

一.Light Gauge steel villas compared to traditional homes, has its outstanding advantages:

(1)Light Gauge steel villa of light steel structure parts manufacturing factory and high degree of mechanization, high degree of commercialization.

(2)Light Gauge steel Villa construction speed is fast, will not affect nearby residents and is advantageous to the civilization construction.

(3) The light Gauge steel villa, steel structure building is the sustainable development of environmentally friendly products.

(4)Light Gauge steel villa, it is light weight and has a good seismic performance.

(5)Comprehensive economic index of the light Gauge steel villa is not higher than the reinforced concrete structure.

(6)Light Gauge steel villa than brick house, can avoid the waste of resources caused by earth brick.

(7)Light Gauge steel villa because of light steel structure wall thickness is small; Compared with the brick structure can increase the effective use of area.

(8)Light Gauge steel villas are compared with reinforced concrete homes, due to the steel of the light steel structure can be recycled, concrete can not be recycled, certainly, It must be a construction waste in the future.

Causing environmental stress and the concrete needs 40 years to be completely dry, so it easily leads to indoor moisture and moisture is not good for human health.  Light Gauge steel structure completely without use concrete, so there is no this problem.

(9)Light Gauge steel villa has good seismic performance. Cause the Activities of earthquake is left and right sides, up and down.

The light Gauge steel structure, which is screwed together, forms a safe and stable box that does not collapse or floor down, endangering personal safety.

(10)Light Gauge steel villa using dry construction method, will not cause water waste. And save the cost.

(11)Light steel structure villa is stable structure, low cost. And the interior space span compare with the concrete building span, shorter duration, faster than conventional buildings.

二.Light steel integrated housing mainly has the following design parameters

 Wind resistance: resistance to wind speed of 30 m / s storm, wind level of 11 or more.

 Seismic resistance: to withstand the 8.9 level of rare earthquakes, for seismic fortification cracking of 9 degrees and above areas.

 Sound insulation: the external wall insulation up to 75dB, the internal wall insulation up to 55dB.

 Heat preservation: 160 mm thick light steel spray compound wall, thermal resistance up to 3.2  K / W, It is 6 times of traditional architecture.

 Fire resistanceA Level.

 Load-bearing: load-bearing load of up to 400kg /  or more.

 Air tightness: air tightness n50 = 0.45, in full compliance with the German passive housing air tightness testing standards: n50 ≤ 0.6

 Environmental protection: all materials non-toxic harmless no radiation, and can release negative oxygen ions, fully meet the environmental requirements.

 Energy saving: about 65% less energy than traditional buildings.

 Construction period: shorter than the traditional construction period by two thirds.

 Lifespan: the main structure of up to 70 years.


三.Building Energy Insulation Technology of Light Steel Villa.

Light steel villas in order to achieve the effect of insulation, in the building exterior and roof insulation materials used in thermal insulation can be long-term use and thermal insulation. Light steel villa in addition to the walls of the wall filled with glass fiber, the wall and then paste a layer of insulation material, effectively cut off through the wall to the outer wall of the thermal bridge; between the joists filled with glass fiber, Through the floor of the heat transfer; all walls of the wall between the walls are filled with glass fiber, reducing the heat transfer between the wall.


四.Fire Protection Technology for Buildings

Light steel villa one of the most critical issue is the application of fire protection technology, light steel villa fire rating four grades. Light steel villa on both sides of the wall with the floor of the ceiling attached to the fire gypsum board, for the ordinary firewall and wall with 20 mm thick calcium silicate board (fire board) protection, in order to meet the A-level fire requirements, The glass fiber filled with the wall between the wall and the floor of the floor also has a positive effect on fire protection and heat transfer.


五.Building sound insulation technology


Light steel villas are filled with glass wool between the inner and outer walls and the floor joists to effectively block the air through the air, and for the impact of solid propagation, the following construction is made: With the middle of the gap between the two walls; and for the ceiling with a fixed gypsum board keel, with a small groove with the elastic structure to effectively reduce the solid sound between the floor.


The seismic performance of light steel structure is much better than that of traditional concrete and brick. At the same time, due to the light weight of the structure of light steel structure, the weight per unit area is only equivalent to the same area of brick and concrete structure weight of 1/4, so the basic processing is simple, suitable for most geological conditions. Steel house is no longer worried about the danger of termites as wooden houses.


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