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If the container house is made of polystyrene as the sandwich panel, it is necessary to pay attention to fire prevention.(1)
Sep 12, 2018

For example: not near the wall for electric welding construction, Zhengzhou color board room, winter heating stove should be equipped with fire-proof devices, indoor pipes should be used when laying metal pipes, metal pipes should be reliably grounded or refractory pipes need to pass through the wall It is also forbidden to use a blowtorch on this material. In the open area, when the roof tile is less than 0.6 mm, the house should be equipped with a lightning rod. The color board activity room should pay attention to the wind. The color steel plate room has a light weight structure and a simple wind resistance. In order to improve the wind resistance, customers should choose the products of the regular manufacturers as much as possible, and do not only pay attention to the price and leave the trouble. For the board room customers who have installed the non-wind-resistant ability, they can be remedied on the roof along the length of the board room with the 4×4 angle steel fixed on the front and rear walls. For light steel structure houses, it should be noted that the model of the purlins should not be too small. After the construction is completed, the connection reinforcement of each part should be checked.

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