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If the container house is made of polystyrene as the sandwich panel, it is necessary to pay attention to fire prevention.(2)
Sep 13, 2018

If you really do the above three points, be sure that your personal safety or the safety of the mobile home is guaranteed. Color board mobile home transportation is generally carried out by car. In order to adapt to the width of the car, the width of the color board movable house is designed to be about 2.4 meters at the beginning. It is just in line with the width of the general transport car. The height is 2.4-2.8 meters. The length is generally 6 Meter or 12 meters.There are two main types of color-board mobile homes. One is a container house modified with freight containers. The other is a color-board movable house made of raw materials. There are some differences in the specifications of the two color-plate mobile homes. The container house modified by the freight container retains the size of the container. There are two main specifications. One is 20 feet. The size is 6*2.4*2.4 meters. The other is 40 feet. The specification is 12*2.4*2.4 meters. The difference in specifications between the two types of container houses is mainly in terms of length. The width and height are basically the same. For the color steel plate movable room made of raw materials, in order to meet the needs of customers, the specifications are generally 6*3*2.8 meters. 3 meters. The width allows people to live more comfortably. It is more in line with people's needs. At present, this color steel plate mobile house mainly faces construction sites. It is generally used for collective dormitory. For collective dormitory, it can be placed side by side in two rows and one meter wide. Bottom and tiling iron bed. There is a space of one meter in the middle. It seems more reasonable. The color plate mobile house specifications are probably these. Customers can choose the color plate activity room that suits their needs according to specific needs. Other specifications can also be customized. Color board mobile home.


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