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Feb 09, 2017

Container house (also known as resident container house) used in winter has more items to pay special attention, especially the security. In the winter, Christmas, New Year's Day and Spring Festival are coming, people in the container house are looking forward to the Spring Festival holiday to come and some homesick workers also begin to plan to go home.


The weather is very cold in winter, the air-conditioning or heating equipment will be worked in the container houses, for the people in the container house, the air conditioning is worked with great power consumption, it's difficult to afford the electric bill for every month if the air conditioner is worked all day, so people generally will choose less power consumption heating equipment, such as electric fan, electric blanket, electric hot water bag, wear more clothes, warm the hands and feet, then the people in the room can be comfortable.


The people should pay attention to fire safety when use the electrical appliances in the container house (also known as resident container house), In winter, the weather is dry, the use of heating equipment inside the container will increase the degree of air drying, the temperature is increased and more easy to fire, people should pay attention to electrical safety, to prevent fires. Most of the time, there is a fire in the container house is because people pull the wire, the indiscriminate use of electrical appliances, people's awareness of fire prevention is exacerbated by the occurrence of fire. And a lot of container house without fire extinguisher, once the fire is occurred, they must rely the manual fire fighting, it's more difficult, the fire can't be put out in the short time, it will cause the fire spread, resulting a greater loss. At the same time, whether or not the sandwich panel materials of the container house has an important influence on the fire safety of the container house, the use of fire resistant materials as sandwich board core material can further reduce the probability of fire, and better ensure the safety of the container house fire resistant.


The people in the container house (also known as resident container house), when they use the heating appliances, the users should pay special attention to the fire safety when they use the electricity in the winter. More scientific and safe heating, to ensure fire safety, to live more safely and comfortably

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