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Research on modular design strategy of contemporary container architecture(1)
Sep 05, 2017


As a new construction system, shipping container architecture has shown its tremendous potential at the efficiency of construction, economy and sustainability, etc. For those regions where are facing problems of low efficiency of construction, poor economic conditions and series waste in construction, shipping container architecture has been providing some new opportunities and possibilities to solve their problems. It can be said that even if shipping container architecture was eventually proved to be a non-mainstream architecture, the system is still possible to serve as the best strategy to solve some specific problems.

In order to improve the participants’ recognition about shipping container architecture, this paper analyzes the characteristics of shipping container architecture and discusses its designing strategies from the architectural point of view. The questions of shipping container architecture are mainly related to the function, form, efficiency of buildings, which serve as the key elements of the requirements of human’s living and the basic criteria of a good building. Design strategies, including special design, the composing strategies of basic components, the alteration of the skin of shipping containers and the structural design, are the solutions to realize those requirements and criteria.

This paper has collected a great number of information about shipping container architecture, including theories and projects. Through observation and quantitative and qualitative analysis of data and information, this paper gives a summary of the main features of shipping container architecture and proposes a general design method.

Moreover, this paper contains not only introductory information, but also designing principle and strategy of shipping container architecture. By combining a great quantity of documentation and projects, this paper expands the architectural designing study of shipping container architecture, and provides some helpful reference for the future work in architectural design of shipping container architecture.

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