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Research on modular design strategy of contemporary container architecture(2)
Sep 12, 2017

1. construction waste less. Compared with the brick and concrete structure houses with construction water consumption 30 times of the container houses, the concrete loss is 50 times, container house reduce 99% construction waste and decoration waste.

2. Construction costs are low. The lower the price of the container, the use of container construction costs is brick and concrete building 86%, 52% of steel construction.

3. Container as a building component, its high degree of standardization, with a clear modular features, can improve the efficiency of design and assembly.

4. Container is very convenient to transport and lifting. Containers is strictly adapted to the requirements of land and sea transport, and the inside container can also load other building materials and components; and for container hoisting also there is a very complete technology. Therefore, the use of container construction system can greatly enhance the construction speed.

5.The container structure has good feature of integrity , the container building is durable, high security. Container building wind resistance reach level 10, the earthquake reach level 8, even in the environment of adverse natural disasters, the container module unit will not be comminuted damaged.

6. Simple to dissemble, high recovery rate. The demolition of container buildings is much simpler than other structural buildings, and the dismantled container components can be reused, with a recovery rate of up to 90%, greatly reducing the production of construction waste.

7. Have a certain degree of durability. Many people think that container construction can only be used as a temporary transition building, in fact, the container construction use life can reach 30 years, and it can reach 50 years through a variety of maintenance measures.

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