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Research on modular design strategy of contemporary container building(9)
Dec 05, 2017

As more and more container buildings come into the public view, some people have gradually realized the potential of containers in mobile buildings. In May 2009, Chen Jianhua, a private entrepreneur in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, invested and built a number of single box mobile supermarket named "good cubic". This batch of supermarket uses high cabinet containers, which can be placed directly on the flat ground, connected with the network and wire, and the supermarket can be operated. Because the strategy of investors is to make use of the idle land in the countryside, so these supermarkets are mostly placed beside the rural villages, fields or homestead, which not only saves the cost of construction, but also saves land resources. The good cube supermarket not only sells goods, but also has many services such as village post station, lottery sales, photo printing, copying, fax, etc., as well as free projects such as employment information release, blood pressure measurement, lending family gadgets and so on.

This movable supermarket has installed thermal insulation layer, and its thermal insulation performance has been improved. There are PVC boards on the outside, or plasterboard and scraping putty. The floor is wooden flooring. The cost of the supermarket is relatively low.

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