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Research on modular design strategy of contemporary container building(10)
Dec 07, 2017

There is a close relationship between space and function. It is the most important of architectural design to deal with the relationship between space and function. Large vessel container as a service to the transport industry, the inside of the box space volume, size and shape has a very unique characteristics, such as building a product component, structure and form of the product will put many restrictions on space. Different types of buildings carry different functions, and different functions have different requirements for space. The design of container buildings should understand the basic space types of container buildings and how to use these basic types to adapt to different functions.
In container construction, there are many different strategies for the utilization of the box, that is, the integrity of the enclosure structure can be maintained, and the containment capacity and the size limit of the container can be broken by changing the enclosure structure of the box. Container space under container capacity limits has different spatial attributes and container space and has different characteristics and advantages.
This chapter will discuss the characteristics of unexpanded single box space, including volume, size and shape, without breaking through the capacity limitation of container box, and then analyze the requirements of which space can be adapted to.

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