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Research on modular design strategy of contemporary container building(11)
Dec 11, 2017

CMCOHOUSE is a container building developer. The company has developed a set of its own construction system for the space characteristics of standard container, which can provide fast assembly and low cost container building. The containers of different specifications have different space capacity. The space capacity of the 40 foot container is two times that of the 20 foot container. Therefore, CMCOHOUSE has explored various layout methods for the interior space of the different specifications of the box, so as to make reasonable use of the inner area. The 20 foot container, which is often used as a single person, is difficult to arrange two beds at the same time because of its small space. The space capacity provided by a 40 foot container can meet the needs of two or more people.
The 20 foot single box model of the CMCOHOUSE is also only opened in one end of the box, and the main entrance is set at the other end. In order to obtain the best quality of natural lighting for the main space, the bed and table and chair are arranged in the area near the window, while the bathroom is arranged on the side of the main entrance.
CMCOHOUSE's 40 foot single box model set up windows on the two ends of the container, and installed the sliding door with floor glass. One end of the container was used as the main entrance and the other side connected to the balcony. Large open windows make the inner space of the box more open, and the introduction of sufficient natural light. In order to make the main function area occupy the best location of lighting condition, the designer arranged the bathroom in the middle part of the room to avoid occupying areas with better natural lighting conditions. Users can arrange their main functions according to their needs. The restaurant near the main entrance can be set up, and a section near the balcony can be used as a bedroom to avoid the interference of corridors.

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