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Research on modular design strategy of contemporary container building(13)
Dec 15, 2017

The thermal insulation performance of enclosure structure is an important problem of container building. Without solving this problem, the container space can not be qualified comfortableness. In this chapter, the transformation of physical performance of enclosure structure is discussed in detail. The principle of enclosure enclosure reconstruction is put forward, the commonly used thermal insulation materials are introduced, and the common practices of enclosure structure transformation are listed.

Selection of thermal insulation materials should be made according to the characteristics of materials and the requirements of the project. Using plates can simplify the construction process, while some foamed materials can better seal the enclosure structure, reduce the gaps, and enhance the insulation effect.

The thermal insulation layer is a structural difficulty in the reconstruction of the enclosure structure. The thermal insulation layer can be inside and outside, and it can be separated from the decorative panels separately, and can also be combined with decorative materials to form an integrated composite plate. In the design, we need to decide what kind of construction strategy to use according to the requirements of thermal insulation performance in the area where the project is located, and rationally control the thickness of the structural layer and the amount of material used. The combination and fixation between thermal insulation layer, decorative panel and corrugated steel plate of container is also the key point for the reconstruction and treatment of the enclosure structure. In practice, we should choose the appropriate fixing strategy according to the grade, budget and technological level of the project.

There are some differences in the structure of the reconstruction of the various parts of the enclosure. The structure of the exterior wall and the roof are basically similar. It needs to have basic thermal performance, strength and beauty. The load of the floor part is larger, and the thickness and contour of the joist component are relatively large. In the process of treatment, we should pay attention to eliminate the phenomenon of heat / cold bridge, so as to improve the thermal insulation performance of the floor.

Through retrofit of the enclosure structure, the box has certain thermal performance, and it will cause negative effects on the comfort of the inner space of the box in order to block the external unfavorable factors. However, by retaining structure is still not enough to solve all the problems in the design of container construction, also need to use other strategies to cope with the sustainable building envelope together to enhance the space comfort, to improve the building through the box combination and combined with the additional components of the ventilation, cooling, moisture and other effects, and to save the building's energy consumption with high efficiency equipment.

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