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Research on modular design strategy of contemporary container building(16)
Jan 05, 2018

Structure is one of the most important elements of architecture, and any building must have a stable and safe structure. The structural design of a building involves the material and form of the basic unit components of the structure. Each structural system has different stress characteristics and constitution methods. The building space generated by the use of different structural systems has its own unique superiority, and it is bound to have some limitations. As an architect, in the use of the container structure design, must be superior to container structure and with the limitation of understanding, in order to building characteristics and function of the container structure system requires good coordination, give full play to the superiority of the container structure, to avoid its limitations.

Container is a product designed for transportation. If we use this product as a building component, we must consider whether its structural strength meets the requirements of building purposes. In addition, in container construction, containers need to combine other components or structural systems to create more varied functions and forms, which involves the coordination and cooperation between container building components and other components. This chapter will introduce the structural characteristics of container, and analyze how to ensure the stability and safety of container structure under the condition that the opening of the box body is not aligned with the upper and lower boxes. In addition, the combination of container modules and other structural components is also discussed.

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