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Research on modular design strategy of modern container building(3)
Nov 06, 2017

The circulation in the field of logistics container, long-term use will produce peeling paint and body corrosion or deformation loss due to higher maintenance costs for these losses, resulting in a large number of containers for the integrity of the body can not meet the transportation requirements and retired a year". At present, more than 24 million TEU of containers are transferred globally, and more than 1 million TEU containers are eliminated each year from the transportation industry. These containers only a small amount of second-hand container for resale to as low standard of transportation, most still idle at the dock, treatment way for recycled steel, but will cause serious environmental pollution. In fact, the main frame of these retired containers is still good, and if these containers can be used in other fields by conversion, it will produce good ecological benefits.

In addition, the transportation industry has a close relationship with the rhythm of economic development. As a container for transportation, container use and distribution are seriously affected by the imbalance between the East and the west. According to statistics, there are about 300 million containers in the global circulation of each year, in which 26% is issued by Chinese; 2005 from Asia to America the number of containers amounted to 12 million 880 thousand, of which only about 4 million 540 thousand container return to send, resulting in about 8000000 container idle ports in europe. These vacant container shipped back to the starting to produce the corresponding transportation costs, but due to the imbalance of global economic development, which in some areas of each transport back to a container of the cost more than the purchase of a new container, the container terminal in Europe so idle unabated.

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