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Steel structure building pros and cons
Jul 21, 2016

1 a wide range of uses: can be used in factories, warehouses, office buildings, sports stadiums, hangars, and so on. Suitable for both single-layer large-span building, can also be used for the construction of multi-storey or high-rise buildings.
2 construction simple, short construction period: all components are prefabricated in a factory completed, simply assembled on site, so as to shorten the construction period, a 6000 square meters building, just 40 days to the basic installation is complete.
3 durable and easy to repair: General computer design of steel structure buildings can resist harsh climate, and simple maintenance.
4 beautiful and practical: steel construction smooth clean lines, modern. Wall color in a variety of colors to choose from, wall or other materials, making it more flexible.
5 reasonable cost: light weight steel building, cost reduction, faster in construction can be completed and put into operation at an early date, overall economic efficiency is much better than concrete structures.
Analysis, steel structure engineering quality problems
There are many reasons it is difficult to guarantee the quality of steel structure engineering, also very complex, both problems caused by improper, there are also the problems caused by violation of operation, there are problems due to construction personnel skills and responsibility, as well as quality problems caused by the mistakes committed by policy-makers.
(A) the steel itself problems
A units in processing a building 1200*1200*60 of box shaped column Shi, in Shi welding process in the suddenly found 60mm as abdominal Board of thick Board appeared has tear phenomenon, eye visible clear of crack put Board from thickness direction into two half, after NDT detection found crack depth occurred in depth 3mm around, while on same type with a, of addition several Zhang Board cutting of parts for detection, found Board within exists sandwich, rolling quality bad is caused quality problem of main reasons. Welding in the welding process the welding stress of interlayer material away. Hence the phenomenon of plate thickness tear.

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