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Steel structure workshop routine maintenance
Nov 18, 2016

1, after the US steel plant is installed, the owners, cannot be allowed to modify its structure, can not remove any bolts and other components, can not increase or decrease the partition, if you need to change any parts must consult and manufacturers, by manufacturers to determine whether I can change. Steel structure after 3 years of use must use the painting and maintenance, giving architecture and beauty and safety. Steel plant is a steel parts are connected, so when using electrical equipment, such as wires and what application of slot line isolation, so as to avoid electric shock.
2, steel plant must regularly carry out cleaning and maintenance, check normally takes a year to maintain. Steel structure factory building wall cleaning needs to be careful not to have, you cannot use the steel wool, scrub brush and other abrasive cleaning products, rinse with clean water from top to bottom. Steel plant on the branches, leaves and other similar objects should be cleared in a timely manner, so as to avoid backlogs caused unnecessary trouble. Steel plant metal plates if there is damage to be repaired so as not to rain on the surface corrosion of metal panels. If necessary, use all brush high flexible nano-materials to protect the metal roof panel, and serve as an effective heat insulation and waterproofing effect, saving room air conditioner energy.
Steel structure workshop of maintenance and maintenance for steel structure of life has a lot of contacts, so owners would have enough attention. Encountered in the maintenance and repair problems, to contact the professional steel structure factory, get help.

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