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Temporary transition Building -- container house
Oct 25, 2017

Container house, just as its name implies, is its main building container. Container is the most important form of international logistics freight transportation. It is a large freight container with certain strength, rigidity and specification, which is specially used for logistics operation. According to the data, the use of more than ten years of containers, due to the paint paint off, deformation and so on, the container needs to be repaired, and the cost of maintenance is high, so that these containers gradually withdraw from the freight field. And these waste containers, the main body frame is still solid, the construction of container housing, will prolong the service life of the container for at least 10 years. Recycling a waste container can save 1.7 tons of steel and 0.4 cubic meters of wood, and reduce carbon dioxide by 3.49 tons. If you use 100 thousand waste containers a year, you can reduce emissions of 349 thousand tons of carbon dioxide, saving 340 million kwh of electricity. Transformation of waste containers is the main container for the construction of the basic unit, by adopting appropriate reinforcement measures, and install the standard design and industrial production of parts, interior floors, doors and windows and insulation layer box for lighting, drainage, electrical, fire and other infrastructure, and then appropriate decoration, complete the modification of a unit the unit, through various forms of permutation and combination, form a safe and comfortable living space.

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    No.108 Fulu Road, Zhengzhou City, China.
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