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The challenges and opportunities of container house in China
May 03, 2017

With more and more large-scale building are built in Chinese city, so the construction waste is generated in everywhere and the environmental pollution is increasing day after day. In view of this situation, insiders said, energy saving, environmental protection is the imperative way of the construction industry at present. In this case, China's container house market gets a very good development opportunity.


The container house is made of steel materials and sandwich panels. It’s very strong, energy conservation, environmental protection and no pollution, is a kind of low carbon environmental protection product. The container house is a kind of finished product, its indoor and outdoor equipment is equipped with all the equipment and completed decoration before it leave the factory. The installation, transport and disassembly is very convenient, it can be used as long as the container house is connected to the power supply. But due to the current quality supervision system is not perfect and some potential performance problems, the container house market are facing a great challenge. We also see more and more container house manufacturers begin to focus on standardized production, improve the safety performance of the product and brand effects.


The container housing industry wants to survive in the fierce competition environment, and in an invincible position, it is necessary to establish brand awareness, strengthen the industry standard management, pay attention to the original design of container house and supply installation and after-sales service. Seen from the container housing can be widely used in China in these years, it becomes a "Star" in China's temporary construction industry step by step, many businesses are struggling to find investment opportunities in this huge market that gives them hope.

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