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The characteristics of housing containers
Jun 26, 2017

The advantages of housing containers: (1) maily use steel structure, then wood structure, supplemented;

(2) the structure use welding or bolted connection, the reliability can be tested by the process or after completion  then test to be guaranteed;

(3) the box with insulation layer, the insulation effect is obvious, with the structure of the building than the traditional masonry structure of housing insulation performance better;

(4)  the doors and windows constructed by steel structure with strong reliability, security and flexibility, and more personality;

(5) its interior decoration and decoration using industrial standards, so that security and reliability can be improved;

(6) hydropower design and installation to meet the use of geographical installation requirements and standards;

(7) has a certain resistance to wind, earthquake, anti-snow disaster ability, can be verified by impact test;

(8) fire design is more reasonable;

(9) the area utilization rate is high, the wall thickness of the house is smaller than that of the masonry structure house wall (usually 240mm);

(10) The total mass of the houses built by them is lower than that of ordinary buildings, and the pressure on the foundation is small.

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