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The characteristics of steel structure building
Oct 27, 2016

Steel structure workshop refers to, the main load-bearing structure is made of steel. Including steel columns, steel beams, steel base, steel roof truss (relatively large-span of the plants, of course, are basically steel roof truss), steel roof, pay attention to brick walls can also be used to maintain the walls of steel.
Because of increased steel output in China, many of them began to use steel plant, which can also be divided into light and heavy steel structure factory building. And other materials than steel structure has the following characteristics:
High strength, light weight
Although the density of steel is larger than other building materials, but its strength is very high, under the same stress, steel structure, light weight, can be made into large structures.
Good ductility and toughness
Good ductility of steel, the structure is in General not due to accidental overloads or local overloads and sudden fracture. Steel toughness, adaptability of structure on the dynamic load.
Steel homogeneous, isotropic. The actual working of steel structure performance accords well with the theory used by results, therefore, structure and high reliability.
Due to the welding of the steel, steel structure connected substantially simplified, adapted to the manufacture of complex shapes of structures.
Fabrication and installation of steel structures the more industrialised
Steel production is mainly carried out in specialized metal structures plant, thus easily, with high precision. Made from components delivered to the site of installation, high degree of Assembly, installation speed, short.
Steel internal organization is very tight when using welded connections, even when using rivets or bolts, easy close not leak.
Fire resistance
When the surface temperature is 150 ℃, the strength of the steel changes very little, so steel suitable for hot-shop. When the temperature exceeds 150 ℃, the intensity decreased significantly. When the temperature reaches 500-600t, and almost to zero. So, when there is a fire, the fire resistance of steel structures for a short time, sudden collapse. There are special requirements for steel structures. Heat-insulating and fire-resistant measures should be taken.
Corrosion resistance
Steel in wet conditions, especially in corrosive environments prone to rust and need regular maintenance, increased maintenance costs.

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