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The Evolution of Container Buildings
Jun 03, 2017

Containers With the development of architects to join, the container building has undergone a bottom-up development. Compact and rugged container with the ability to withstand bad weather, fire and earthquakes, and can easily cope with a variety of other adverse conditions, so it is naturally applied to the experimental building area. Containers are naturally used to build shantytowns, shops and shelters, especially in third world countries. The first Western container construction project is intended to prove that a separate container is enough to create a living space. Customized interiors can be used in this mini space to achieve a variety of functions. 

The next development is to stack several containers together to form a larger building, while removing the middle of the wall to create a large open-style interior space. And then by the combination of containers and other building materials to create more agile projects and larger, higher quality of life and work space. Some of the famous container villas, such as Container Terminal 12, Redondo Seaside Villa, Chalet du Chemin Chalet comes from this period. The next trend is to attach other materials, such as wood, covering the surface of the container shell. The traditional shape weakened the essence of some of the container buildings, but it made it more widely accepted by the public and attracted a wider customer base.

Today's container construction projects are no longer limited to the pursuit of innovative architects, and are becoming an economically viable and important branch of modular construction. It can be said that economy is the main difference between container construction and the rest of the building branch, which has resulted in a large number of outstanding projects, although the container construction project is very large, but only a small part of the results.

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