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The flexibility and economy of container houses
Jul 03, 2017

When building a container house, there is no need for building templates and scaffolding.

Simply install a modular container from low to high, such as "stacking wood", and then use the screws to hold, and make some modifications to the appearance of the building And improved, after the completion of the container building looks and ordinary building almost.

And the construction of container houses will not cause a lot of construction waste, compared with the construction of ordinary houses, it can save a lot of labor, materials, time and money. Container houses can be build in a short period of time through the factory production and processing, in less than two months time will be able to complete tens of thousands of square meters of container housing, advantages far beyond the traditional housing construction.

Its flexibility is mainly reflected in:almost no need area for building materials stacking and large-scale construction vehicles; it can be stacked, can be divided, can be relocated, can be divided into a large number of high- Recycling and so on.

Its economy is mainly reflected in: through the production of large quantities of water production, the bulk effect of the production rate can make the housing construction costs greatly reduced to speed up the capital turnover and return; cost is extremely high; construction process greatly reduces the labor force and save the Time and so on.

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