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The future development trend of steel structure residence
Aug 13, 2015

State issued new deal, steel plus "blocks" built House, on the Assembly line "production" House can reduce construction waste and dust pollution prefabricated buildings will spread in China in the future. Recently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on further strengthening the work of urban planning, construction and management of the opinions put forward and strive to 10 years time, fabricated construction reached 30% per cent of new construction, actively and steadily promoting steel construction. In places where conditions permit, to promote the development of modern wood frame construction.
This clearly pointed out that promotion of the steel construction system, this is the trend, which can cover a week than how high the efficiency of a building can be seen. Factory production, it helps to save on construction costs, contribute to the building of energy-efficient buildings. Smart homes will also have this policy must stimulate the future we will change the way of housing construction, steel-wood structure in the future integrated House is the main building in construction, steel wood frame house is currently facing the main problem?
New light steel House by using cold-formed steel structure is a system of multi-ribbed panel wall, from light wood frame. The system to "ribs" (space for cold-formed steel 400~600 mm wall columns, lougailiang and coping) under gravity load and align requirements are passed directly to gravity loads, with "plates" (types of shear walls) seismic load and wind load resistance of lateral force. Mainly used in low level (level 3 and below), and multi-story (Layer 6 and below) in North America has had more than 30 years and has been widely, is a very sophisticated structure. (Below in light steel structure refers to the system of cold-formed thin-walled steel structure)
In China, the enterprises to introduce light steel structure at the beginning of this century, in commercial real estate, tourism, rural housing and is used in the field. Housing and urban-rural development Ministry released in 2011 of the lower-level technical specification for cold-formed steel House construction (hereinafter referred to as the lower point), 3 layer and below the lower light gauge steel house design and provides a basis for acceptance, applied 6 layers and light-weight steel residential cold-formed thin-walled steel multistory technical regulation is currently being prepared. While in Sichuan, Gansu and other quake-hit areas have larger scale of light steel structure residential area, but overall, the light-weight steel residential promotion more difficult, has been tepid.
Light steel structure performance far superior to the traditional brick houses, traditional houses do not have resistance and has long been criticized for a lack of comfort. Now light steel housing has come into our lives, here's the what are the advantages of steel buildings lightly.
Light steel housing very secure, earthquake 9 degrees down. Typhoon 12, bearing the roof snow 1.5 metres, this is because the steel frame and lightweight, rugged, high quality materials, and have a very good ductility and toughness.
Light steel house built very quickly, a 200 square meters of housing construction cycles within 1 month. This is because the light steel housing components are manufactured in the factory, transportation to the site Assembly can be completed directly by the workers, so time is very short.
Light steel House factory and a high degree of mechanization of production, high degree of product. The main materials are required to build factories, machines and processing of raw materials, high efficiency, low cost, quality is also very good protection. Most of these devices introduce foreign advanced technology, many new housing products for large enterprises with international quality.

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