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The promotion of container housing is conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection
Mar 06, 2017

Resident container house emergent in recent years in China, but the development is very fast.

Container house is mainly used as a temporary housing use, the main role similar with the traditional prefab house, we can understand the container house into the prefab house upgrade products. People who have used the prefab house know that the lifespan only three to five years, the turnover about three to five times, due to shorter life, waste a lot of raw materials, such as wood, sandwich panels, , Pull nails, etc., and each disassembly cost is increasing. Each need to re-do a cement base, waste a lot of cement. We used to say that China is a big thing, but now no one is proud of that, because we know that many resources are not inexhaustible, and such waste caused a lot of waste, if not timely recovery Will inevitably lead to environmental pollution.


And the container house is much better, first of all it is steel welded structure, the service life of up to ten years, the number of revolutions is 520 times compared to refab house, each only need to disassemble, and the installation speed is very fast, 15 minutes can finish installed a container room, the container house save lots of energy relative to the prefab room . Second, the container house is ready-made products, every time you finished using ,its can be hanging away immediately, will not left any waste to the scene, will not cause any environmental pollution. Even if its mission is over, scrap can be recycled.


In short, for the living container house will not cause environmental pollution, but save the national resources, one word is energy saving. The state has repeatedly asked around the energy-saving emission reduction, the use of container house is a positive response to the national policy.

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