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The revolution of hotel buildings
Apr 21, 2017

The chain of cheap hotel Travelodge, belong to Dubai international capital, is using the Ready-made module that is purchased from China to build a large number of new container hotels.

In August 2008, the first modular production, with 120 rooms of the container house hotel has been officially opened, which is the world's first recyclable hotel. This hotel is located near Uxbridge of the west end, the rooms are all made by the container houses that are slightly larger than the average standard of container, then all the container house are stacked, when the construction workers build the container hotel, they just need a crane to lift the modular container house from low to high as "building blocks" generally stacked. Then use the screw to fix the container house, because of firm structure, the container hotel can be stacked to 8 floors. After the windows and doors are installed, then the facade can be worn on the building and make a little decoration on the facade, the container hotel appearance will be same as the group of other common Travelodge hotel. In the program of the Travelodge, before 2020, 40 new container hotels will be built in every year, half of which will be built using modular container houses.

According to reports, the container hotel is very fast, when the container hotel is ordered, the factory here begins to buy materials and the basic framework of the container hotel can be started before the design, when the design is completed in one month, the main steel structure has been basically completed, then the container house can be basically done in 3~5 working days. Although after the completion, the container hotel has to be shipped to London from China by sea, but the entire cycle of the container hotel will be shorter about 25% than the traditional construction methods.

In addition, because the European labor cost is 10 times of the cost of domestic Chinese, Travelodge will spend up to 5 million pounds on building a 100 ordinary hotel guest rooms before, so it is very competitive to produce in the China factory, even if the container hotel is made by all steels, but it's also cheaper about 10% than the concrete way. Therefore, Travelodge has made the forecast, each year this technology can help them to save about 10 million pounds in the construction of the hotel.

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