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The temporary container housing for people living more convenient and comfortable
May 13, 2016

Container House (also known as the habitable container) makes people's temporary residence more convenient and comfortable, it fixed price, although prices in different cities have different standards, but container houses the small price difference between similar cities, rents are relatively uniform.

Current container housing is mainly used in construction, to provide workers with a safe and comfortable living environment for different types of container houses, with different prices, such as white box price typically 10000 each, white iron box price generally 11500 each iron box price is 15000 each. For a customer who rented container housing, if funds are not much of a problem, you can hire better quality container houses to use. The three different types of container housing prices, but the deposit is the same, typically 6 Yuan each day.

This three species different type of container activities housing, white top white box of price most cheap, but easy appeared leaking of situation, in winter let people special uncomfortable, General not recommends rental this type; for iron top white box type of container activities housing, price slightly high some, but quality better, not exists leaking of problem, other aspects performance also good, is price highest of container activities housing products, General people will select rental this type; for iron box, around all with plate protection, quality better, More rugged, people buy container houses shops, offices and other generally choose this type, better quality, and can be used for longer periods, total count to an annual cost of mobile homes and other types of containers, but you can enjoy.

Container housing can be divided into two types of first and second floor, one more than the first floor corridor on the second floor and a balcony plate can provide people with a place to channel and airing clothes. If people rented container houses rented the first floor, then encounter much trouble when drying clothes, rain is not drying clothes, if freshly washed clothes encounter rain, clothing can repossess the room, make the floor wet. If rented the ground floor and the second floor are two container houses, stacked together, such a layer and a second layer of drying clothes is easy. If you only put a layer of container housing, it is recommended that people choose to lease the second floor type of container housing so that people's lives more convenient.

Container housing to be used for different purposes, it is necessary to choose the right type of product to make people's lives more practical, convenient and comfortable.

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