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Tianjin University students transform the container into a creative building
Feb 27, 2017

living container use for youth apartments,not only can minimize the cost of accommodation,but also to be fashion novel.Recently,Tianjin Urban Construction College students "creative" out of several"container activities room":thet use living containers to assembled to youth hostels,and simple campus coffee bar, as well as studios and small shops.


"At first,we just wanted to be able to develop the container building as a city symbol for the port city of Tianjin,like the red telephone booth on the streets of London." Project leader Wang Jiayu of the School of Architecture told reporters, "We want to take advantage of professional advantages ,To help people who have ideas, have money, do a container youth hostel, the cost is much less than building a hotel.


Xiao Wang said ,early, because the container is metallic material, not cold proof and not hot proof, so transformed into the container activity room is not comfortable, but now the new sandwich panel live container has solved the problem, the container size is appropriate, transport Convenient, can be combined into a variety of shapes, advocating creative but not rich young people is the most suitable container object.


"We also created a container campus coffee bar and studio, etc." Wang said that if you find a suitable partner, perhaps these apartment hotels made of living container, coffee bar will soon appear on the campus or even the city streets.


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