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Container House Is The Preferred Workers
Oct 27, 2016

Recently, on-line container House in Anhui is hot news drew attention, in fact, this is a fake news. The container there, was used for rental, but not for rent, but for some migrant workers at the construction site of the House provide containers of raw materials. Is the temporary vendors in a downtown site, in order to contact the business, empty out a room for their own accommodation containers House the company personnel. Because these houses can be assembled at any time after the break up offsite, can also be directly used a crane to go offsite, known as mobile homes. Container from the outside and Terminal used for loading and unloading cargo containers is very similar to the material almost, might work, too, but this class is used to make the activities of the container because of its swift is more suitable for use as mobile homes.
Such activities can be a layer structures, can also be a two-tier structure, you can set up a day, the same day can be removed, very fast, like building blocks. Now the fast urban construction, is full of sites in the urban area, in order to facilitate operations, in order to improve efficiency, General site built with materials outside the library will purchase two to three rooms made of container activity, for workers to have rest breaks. Obviously, this trailer is for the specific needs of the service, after completion of the site, which can be removed for the next site use, save money and convenience. Removed before or need to build makeshift barracks at the site of trouble. Most importantly, the House white and blue, without affecting the site's environment, it will add to the construction site clean and it tasted.

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