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Habitable Containers To Meet Workers ' Accommodation
Oct 27, 2016

Let building workers has a temporary and security of belonging, is site boss are will consider of problem, yiqian is big degree Shang to save cost, and temporary built of housing also has many, to engineering end again for demolition, this apparently is and fee material and fee time of live, dang live people container a out now we vision, this will easily of solution has building workers of temporary accommodation problem, while also reduced not necessary of waste, so in today site around, such of live people container is up see of.

Live people container for its can repeatedly using of value, even its has mobile of characteristics, and steel like of firm, so its cost does not low, in currently market surface to rental of way partial more, market Shang live people container not only only activities Yu construction site shang, while it also active Yu large factory as goods storage of points, even many smart of businessman also will live people container as shop business using and so on.

As "iron and steel", what material is it? Current habitable containers in the overall structure of steel, but the selection of steel is mainly light steel, "iron and steel" of reputation. So is it safe? A qualified company is habitable containers can also be upgraded to heat, wind, earthquake, moisture-proof, waterproof, leakproof, and "six licensing factor", make a temporary home with safety and security.

House is a haven, and soaring House prices made a lot of people started focusing on live container, it begins to slowly not just a brief stop, but a home.

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