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Matters Needing Attention In Steel Making Process
Oct 27, 2016

(1) by:
 Execution of steel structures including Lofting, marking, cutting, correction, and many other aspects. Treatment of friction surface of high strength bolts, anti-slip coefficient should comply with the design requirements.
 Production quality inspection for rust and paint. General installation weld set aside 30~50mm no coating.
 (2) weld:
 Welders must pass the examination and obtain the certificate, and the project must be in its examination and approval within the weld. Weld after weld shall be stated in the process of welding and spot welding on steel seal.
 Base material welding materials and should match, through one or two seams shall be welded using ultrasonic testing for internal defects testing, ultrasonic defect cannot be judged, by Ray.
 First used in construction of steel, welding consumables, welding method and welding procedure qualification.
 (3) transport:
 When shipping steel components, to be chosen according to the length and weight of steel parts vehicles. Pivot, extended at both ends of the steel components in the vehicle length and Method of Fastening shall ensure that members do not deform, do not damage the coating.
 (4) installation:
 According to construction organization design of steel structure installation, Setup is required to ensure structural stability and does not lead to permanent deformation. When installing the column, each column axis positioning shall be controlled from the ground directly on the axis. Steel columns, beams, trusses and other major components after installation, shall be immediately corrected, fixed.
 Components of friction surface processed by the plant, installed prior to re-inspection anti-slip coefficient, qualified before the installation.
 (5) fire and rust:
 1) fireproof performance is poor. When the temperature reaches 550 ℃, the yield strength of steel about returned to normal when the temperature yield strength of 0.7 structure reaches its strength design values and damage may occur.
 Should be designed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the code for fire protection, enabling structures to meet the requirements of the appropriate fire safety standards. Fire protection standards within the required time, should enable the temperature does not exceed the critical temperature of steel structures to ensure structural bearing capacity of normal.
 2) exposed steel structure may be affected by the atmosphere, especially in the polluted atmosphere of serious corrosion, rust is the most common. This component must be the surface anti-corrosion treatment, to ensuring the normal use. Anti-corrosion treatment methods based on surface conditions and life requirements.

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