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Safety Performance Of Steel Structure Plant
Oct 23, 2018

The stability of steel structures can be divided into two categories:

  The stability problem of the first type of steel structure:

     The stability problem with balanced bifurcation (also called branch point instability) is perfect for the buckling of the straight shaft when it is compressed and the buckling of the flat plate when it is under pressure.

  The second type of steel structure selection material stability problem:     

     When the plasticity develops to a certain level, the stable bearing capacity is lost, and the stability problem of the unbalanced tiller (also called the extreme point instability) is an eccentric compression member made of building steel. Belongs to this category.   

    The above classification seems to be insufficient for the components designed to be axially compressed, and the research progresses with the stability problem. In fact, there is always a little initial bending, and the point of action of the load is inevitably eccentric. Therefore, in order to truly master the performance of such components, it is necessary to understand the impact of defects on him, and other components also have a defect affecting the problem. This is an in-depth on the one hand, and one aspect is the study of the performance of the members after buckling. Not all components lose their load carrying capacity immediately after buckling. In order to truly exert the ultimate bearing capacity of various types of components, it is necessary to study the post-buckling performance of the components.

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