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Steel House Advantages
Oct 27, 2016

Material strength: Although the density of steel is large, but the intensity is much higher, compared with other building materials steel density and yield point is the ratio of the minimum.

Light weight housing: steel structure housing the main structure of the steel consumption usually around 25KG/-80KG, color pressure plate weight of less than 10KG. Weight of the steel structure buildings

Only 1/8-1/3 of the concrete structure can greatly reduce the cost base.

Safe and reliable: steel homogeneous, isotropic, elastic modulus, good ductility and toughness. For ideal elastic-plastic and steel structure calculation

Accurate and reliable.

High levels of industrial production: mass production, manufacture of high precision. With factories manufacturing, construction site installation method can greatly shorten the duration and improve

Economic benefits.

Appearance: steel housing enclosure color pressure plate, used age limit is 30 years do not fade, do not rust. Due to the diversity of color steel plate colors, making buildings

Lines clear, feel comfortable, and easier to shape.

Recycled: steel House frame connection for high strength bolt connections, retaining plate self-tapping screw connection disassembly easier, if the building has to relocate, as long as

Remove bolt parts shipped to steel structure housing where it is needed, reassemble.

Seismic performance: steel housing due to the main load-bearing structure components for steel, its toughness and flexibility, purlins, shear and torsion-resistant and between columns, beams

Support, greatly enhancing the stability of the whole structure.

Wide application range: steel housing suitable for all types of industrial plants, warehouses, supermarkets, high-rise buildings.

Steel structure housing structure system:

Material: stainless steel steel structure using the large steel mills, in line with national standards of Q235B, Q345B steel

Welding: the ambush-style automatic welding, ensure the weld size uniformity, welds smooth, beautiful

Shot blasting: steel and Jet beads and rust from eight directions, Sa2.5 standard to remove rust stains

Spraying: sprayed rust-inhibiting primer, steel structures to achieve the best rust-proof function

Modern building systems: Optimization by advanced CAD-aided design software of steel structure, with high precision machinery processing, and assembled on site to complete.

Advanced welding technology: using automatic submerged-arc welding, CO2 welding and Thai wire and other quality wire ensuring weld quality and component quality.

Completely Rust-free erosion: eight nozzles blasting Derusting of steel structure technology, conformed to Sa2.5.

Best rust-proof function: surface coating rust-inhibiting primer, ensure the quality of steel structure.

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