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Steel Structure Welding Precautions
Oct 17, 2018

Steel structure is the most common type of building in modern society. In order to ensure its construction quality, processing raw materials and construction steps, its welding is also the most important.
1, the size exceeds the allowable deviation
For the weld length and width, width, thickness, centerline offset, bending and other deviations, the relative position and size of the welded part should be strictly controlled, qualified after the quasi-welding, and carefully operated during welding.
2, weld crack
In order to prevent the occurrence of cracks, the appropriate welding process parameters and welding procedures should be selected to avoid large currents. Do not suddenly extinguish the flame. The weld joints should be 10 to 15 mm. The welding wood is allowed to move and strike the weldments.
3, surface stomata
The electrode is baked according to the specified temperature and time. The welding area must be cleaned. The proper welding current is selected during the welding process to reduce the welding speed and completely escape the gas in the molten pool.
4, weld slag
The multi-layer welding should remove the welding slag in layers, and the operation should be carried out correctly and the arc length is appropriate. Pay attention to the flow direction of the slag. When using a basic electrode, the slag must be left behind the slag.17

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