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The Difference Between Container Mobile Home And Daily Living Room
Sep 18, 2018

The container movable room has the function of sheltering people from the wind and sheltering from the rain. It can also be called a temporary house. Container mobile homes are mainly made up of colored steel plates combined by adhesives.

The difference between a container mobile home and a daily house is that it is easier to build, and the speed of construction is not as fast as daily housing, and climate change does not affect it. The material of the container movable room also has the effect of thermal insulation, which looks very clean from the appearance. If it is dirty and can be cleaned, it is also simple and convenient to clean. The cost of building a container mobile house is also cheaper than that of daily housing. In the container room, you can have daily life facilities and all the activities in your daily house.

Container mobile homes and daily housing also have the advantages of environmental protection, easy to build and demolition, convenient loading and transportation, and no work waste. The mobile home can be recycled and the service life can reach 10 years. The combination of container movable rooms is also convenient and flexible, and can be combined into different shapes according to actual needs, and the layout of the room can be flexibly set.

The container mobile home is very mobile because it weighs less. The overall structure is also simple, the performance is good, the ability to withstand earthquakes is stronger than the daily housing, and the threat is also small. This simple temporary building often appears in disaster areas and construction sites.



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